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Risky Driving & SR-22 Insurance Coverage

Sometimes, people drive vehicles although they are not in the best state of mind to do so, such as when they are under the influence of alcohol. There are also those whose mind is too impaired to drive due to taking a drug that they should not have consumed, such as something illegal. What most people driving under such conditions don't realize is that driving is a privilege and it can be taken away when not used with safety in mind. For example, speeding in a sports car just because it has the ability to go up to high speeds is considered risky and unsafe for everyone sharing the roads. If you are labeled as a risky driver because of your behavior on the roads, SR-22 insurance may become necessary if a judge sees fit for you to have it.

Why Would a Judge Mandate SR-22 Insurance?

Being mandated to get SR-22 insurance is usually one of the measures that a judge takes when dealing with someone who constantly commits traffic offenses. No matter if the traffic offenses are minor or major, it can lead to an SR-22 insurance mandate being ordered. For example, if the only offense that you continue to commit is driving without auto insurance coverage, it can make you a risky driver. Sometimes committing only one offense can make you a risky driver, such as if it involves causing an accident while you are drunk or high on drugs. A judge will basically make sure other drivers are financially protected by requiring you to get auto insurance and prove that you have it.

What Happens if a Judge's Order Isn't Followed?

If you don't follow a judge's order to obtain SR-22 insurance, it is a crime that is highly punishable by law. There are several ways in which you might be penalized for breaking the order, including losing your driving privileges altogether. A judge can mandate that your license is suspended for a certain period of time or revoked altogether depending on the severity of your driving offenses. It is also possible for a judge to sentence you to jail for not following an SR-22 insurance order.

What Role Does an Insurance Provider Play?

It is the role of an insurance provider to inform the state that someone is covered by auto insurance. Basically, when an SR-22 insurance mandate is ordered, you must let your insurance provider know about it. The provider will then let the state know that you have coverage, as well as if you neglect to pay for the coverage and it is no longer in place.